I about passed out!

Saturday I went to my favorite fabric shop –

I walked around touching ALL of the fabric. It’s an obsession….really!

Then, while I was chatting with the ladies that were working

These beauties walked in….

It’s my pattern!! It’s Penelope Ruffles….twice!

I, of course, made a total fool of myself by yelling “That’s MY bag! I made that pattern! See…I have one too!!”

The ladies looked at me

giggled nervously

and went back to shopping.

It was fun!


16 thoughts on “I about passed out!

  1. SO COOL! I am giddy for you, too! I actually just bought that pattern {along with many of your other patterns} last week when I went up to the warehouse. I am planning on making that bag for myself. Just got to find the right fabrics… hmmm. Need to get on that. CONGRATS… I know that had to have been exciting!


  2. I was in Gracie Lous also Saturday
    It was my first time in there new place. I thought I loved Gracie Lous before put I'm in love all over again. I wish I could have seen you there I miss you and your fun personality. I also want to thank you for the 6 patternsI won I love all of them. Won of them was this purse pattern I think all try making it next JJ


  3. Darling, you must stop frightening the townspeople.

    But dang, is that cool or what? It must be like if you are a singer and you hear your song on the radio for the first time–TWICE IN A ROW!!!!!

    I would have made you autograph my bag.


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