Bet you didn’t know…

…..that I could write a book entitled, “101 reasons I am thankful for the invention of boys briefs in dark colors.” Long title. How about “Boys + Tighty Whities = Disaster”

….that the 357 text messages I sent last month cost me .20 a text. I didn’t know that either, was under the impression (told by dh) that they were free! SURPRISE! NOT! They are now!!!

….that i have monkey feet. My middle toe is longer than any of my other toes. Creepy.

…that when I sweep up a Lego…. I throw it away.

….that there is NO DIET COKE in my house right now. It is like living a nightmare that won’t go away!

What don’t I know about you? What is your random fact?


23 thoughts on “Random

  1. Well, I suppose I also have monkey feet then! My second toe is by far the longest!

    It takes me DAYS to get started on a new project! I will take hours to decide on a pattern, change a few times and then decide. Then it takes hours to choose the fabric, change it a few times, and then decide. And then change the pattern again. Drives me nuts!

    I am terribly untidy. I will shove stuff into the closet until I cannot find anything and then re-organize the whole cupboard once or twice a month. If I stayed neat and tidy, it won't be necessary, but it has always been this way.

    I cannot watch a horror movie. If I happen to see even a small part of it, I will sleep with the light on for weeks! (Despite telling the kids “It's not real, it's only a movie”)

    Enough sharing!


  2. Wow on those text messages! :S yikes!

    My second toe on both feet is longer than any of others, and when I took pointe in ballet I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to have to wear the stupid big toe extender thingy because it was ugly.


  3. my middle toe is longer then the rest and I've heard that (or been told) if your middle toe is longer then the rest you are of superior intelligence 🙂 or that you have a higher then average IQ…something like that. I'm sure studies have been done but I'm just going to tell everyone that it means I'm smart 🙂


  4. I haven't any long toes, but I have a thing with light switches when you have more than one on a panel they all have to be in the same direction.In my old home when I was going to bed I wouldn't turn on the light so i could see to go up the stairs (or such I say fall up the stairs) even though I could turn it off at the top of the stairs but if I did they would not be in the same direction. Also I can't have any rugs with fringe on them because theres nothing worse than messy fringe. Do you think I need a therapist?


  5. At least two of those 357 texts were to me.
    I like to sing really loud in the car even with someone who cares how you sound.
    I pee alittle every time I sneeze and I toot when tickled. I know its sick but it is true.
    I love to scrub the toilets!
    Ok good enough


  6. Random Facts about me:
    1. Long time lurker of your blog
    2. that I'm a grandma without being a mom (techincally) and am under 40 years old.
    3. that I couldn'g live without Greta my sewing maching and my Rainbow vacuum cleaner.
    4. wish someone would invent an outdoor vacuum cleaner.
    5. that I'm an imperfect perfectionist.


  7. Oh lord, no Diet Coke? Do you need me to call and talk you down?

    We may actually be related by marriage. My SIL has the monkey toe.

    I'm not wearing a bra. I'm sorry if that makes you want to poke out your eyes with a salad fork. But you asked.


  8. Let's see …

    I can touch my nose with my tongue (and I don't have a big nose! hee hee).

    Like Pinktulip, I am also very untidy.

    I have been known to cook pork chops in the middle of the night.

    My feet were meant for Birkenstocks. Put my honking big ole feet beside a pair and you will see, someone invented them just for me.

    I have over 80 pairs of undies.

    There is no substitute (in my humble opinion) for REAL Q-tips!

    That's all for now .. Julie Andrea


  9. So funny about the undies!!! So true! I am just figuring out that I should just go with how I am wired & try to get things done instead of spinning my wheels figuring out the best way to get them done. Isn't that silly? Must be my propensity to procrastinate! Time to get something done!


  10. …that I once licked the knife in between frosting each and every cupcake I was going to serve my freak of a mother in law
    …that I didnt pump gas until I bought my first car at the age of 20
    …that I cannot make gravy (it just wont turn out right!)


  11. I can pick up things AND viciously pinch people with my monkey toes, skills diligently and proudly practiced since early childhood.

    Very practical and handy skills, too.

    Get it? Handy??

    ANYWAY, It's called Morton's Toe. It's the condition where the second toe is longer than the first toe. Well, DUH UH, Dr. Morton!


  12. Crooked Curtains are a sin!!!

    I have been known to not make my bed in the morning, but to make it before I get into it at night.

    Anything I sweep up gets thrown away!!


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