For Real….

This is it.
In a few hours I’ll be putting the anti-puke patch behind my ear,
and getting on a plane…
to get on a boat.
Our adventure is begining early in the morning.
The kids have been EXTRA naughty today.
and all I have to say about it is..
“Poor Grandm and Grandpa!”

10 thoughts on “For Real….

  1. How funny! You know they'll be “angels” for Grandma and Grandpa!

    Have a great trip…bon voyage!

    P.S. Watch out for Doc, he's a dog! And if you land anywhere near Fantasy Island, that Tattoo is a little bit creepy…!


  2. Yay! Have so much fun that you almost can't even stand it! We'll miss you!

    I'll try not to be too naughty while you're gone. You know, for Grandma and Grandpa. They ARE babysitting your blog, aren't they?


  3. Have a great time!
    Again, I hope you got to read my advice…I accidentally posted my comment on your Craft Hope post. oops! If not, please take a quick look at it before you head out.

    Have tons of fun for all of us stuck in the snow!


  4. How exciting! Hope you have a fabulous time and remember to share with us. Kids just know when they can push their luck. Grandpa and Grandma will tell you how “good” the kids were…and it will take you days to get them back into a routine again!


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