Cruise—-The Begining

Have you been on a Cruise?
You really should go!
I want to go again.
Having never set foot on a Cruise ship before, I had no idea what to expect from the Carnival Splendor.

Getting on to the ship is a huge process. You start out standing in a very long line to check-in. This is an important line because this is where they give you your magical Fun Pass Card that gets you on the ship, and lets you charge whatever you want to your room without your husband knowing. I loved this little card!!!

After that line they send you to a numbered Herd to wait for your turn to board. When it is your herds turn, you mooo-ve over to another line, that leads to a line (where they check your ID), and admit you into the next herd that is inside the dome.
You pass through the metal detector, walk to the next line where they take a totally geeky picture of you that they put in a gallery the next night. It is getting exciting now! You go up the escalator to the line that gets you on the ship.

When you are at the front of the line….the door to the Lobby… they take your mug shot. This is the really scarry picture that appears on the screen every time they scan your Fun Card Pass thingy.

Finally, you are on the ship!! 10 feet in front of you is the bar!! Jeff and I walked right over and said, “We need to buy a soda pass.” The bartender sheepishly says, “They’re $53. ???” We said, “We need two!”

The Soda pass was a dream! It meant that wherever we were on the ship, any time of day, we could get Diet Coke…..with ice, and lemon, or Cherries, or whatever we wanted with it. I happen to love Diet Coke (in case you haven’t heard). This was good!

This is what the Lobby looks like. I was surprised by the decor because I wasn’t aware that Cruise Ships are floating Las Vegas Hotels! All of the wood was stained pink with grey. It was frightening….really! Pink wood-like polkadots everywhere……uhhhhhhhh.

The Super Bowl was on the big screen on the Lido deck, so we pulled up our deck chair and got cozy.
Tomorrow……Meeting the Bernina ladies!


7 thoughts on “Cruise—-The Begining

  1. Wow! This does look like a floating Casino. Most Casino's are a bit over the top with decor. I have never been on a cruise ship and is never likely to go either. So much water scares the crap out of me!


  2. When we were on the little Russian ice-breaking ship up in the Canadian Arctic a couple of years ago, I was in a panic about whether they would have enough Diet Coke to last me the whole trip (and Rick refused to let me pack a suitcase full). They had enough, but my bar bill at the end of the week was around $150–just for Diet Cokes!


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