A new game!

We are going to start this post off with a little game of—

Does This Look Like…..?
Does this look like……..
A- It’s time for another wax. Is that an eyebrow, or a toupee?
B- the new face cream is having a tough time erasing those nasty under eye circles.
C-She’s fallen off the wagon. Time to call AA.
D- a case of pink eye…at almost 40 years of age???? You have GOT to be joking!
E- All of the above….except C. I have fallen off the wagon…The Sugar Wagon!
I woke up yesterday with a lovely case of conjunctivitis. Caught it from the toddler. OY!
Today, as I was reading the comments from my post yesterday, I wanted to cry. I know it sounds dorky….and at first I couldn’t figure out why I was so emotional (not pms). Then, it occurred to me that it was because you all cared enough to say something; to help me when I’m down (and you know I’m down if I’m not creating).
I found this video via Twitter friend. You have to watch it. I have wondered many times why I blog. Why I read Blogs. Why this is so important…in its own way.
I love you, my Bloggy friends!
ps. sorry if this doesn’t make sense. It’s just me.

13 thoughts on “A new game!

  1. Lola Lola. You need rest. I've said before I do my best creating when I'm resting or should I say when I should be sleeping. But like you I'm in a down moment. i'm making new valances for my kitchen I've had them all cut out for a few weeks I've got the old ones down, but I don't want to sew. My windows look so lonely with out a covering. I need someone to say there coming to visit and that always puts me in the mood to make my home just right. Do you want to spend the night?



  2. Stop scratching! I'm sorry…it's no fun to have a pink eye! On a brighter note, I saw your bag in the magazine. Very nice, congratulations!

    I, too, am having a blasted time getting anything made. No creative juices are flowing, no inspiration. What are we going to do?!!!


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