of Spit and such…

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I have never watched Hockey before Sunday afternoon.
I am a new fan!
But sadly, I will never be a hockey player!
(It isn’t because of the fighting, blood, or the crunching sound of bones breaking. Those things don’t bother me at all!)
1- I am not a good spitter. I try, but it always ends up dribbling down my chin.
2-If another hockey players spit got on me I would throw up. (or if it got near me…or I had to skate on it.)
3-They shoot boogers out of their nose. My Brother-in-law calls it “Snot Rockets”. I don’t shoot Boogies out of my nose….on purpose.
4- I like my teeth where they are, and mouth guards make me gag.
5- I can’t skate.
I will just have to admire Hockey from afar……….very far…….Utah doesn’t have Hockey.
How do you feel about starting a Non-spitting, booger free, fully toothed, Ice free Hockey team?
ETA- Utah does have hockey! I just never looked for it! Huh! Who Knew!

14 thoughts on “of Spit and such…

  1. LOL! That was a great post! I can't skate well either. . the booger thing? well, not usually. I'm totally with you on the spit thing though. . yuck. And I like my teeth too. (well, I'll like them more once the braces are off – but you get the point). I could do lawn hockey, minus the sticks. . and the puck is too small. . . might as well just play soccer – which I never have done officially. But I could:)


  2. Love this post – I am with you on the spitting – ikky! I also sat and watched my first game on Saturday (we dont get the snow hear and therefore I have never even been sking or skating)


  3. I didn't know what the sam crack was going on! Except I noticed the spitting.
    I am a terrible spitter too. It just ends up on my chin or in my hair.

    How about broom hockey? In socks. On a hardwood floor.


  4. Utah does so have hockey… at least the SLC high school teams played it… haha. Yeah, I couldn't ever be a hockey player either. I can skate, if by skate you mean slide across the ice on your butt with your skates in the air! haha


  5. Jana, actually there is a Utah Hockey team. The Grizzlies. We went to a game 6 years ago on Valentines day (that is when Trena married her husband during half time). They play in the E Center.

    But I hear ya! I can't skate either. And I am not that good at spitting.


  6. Yes, there is hockey in Utah. From the little bitty kids to the Grizzlies.
    I used to be a figure skater, so I got to see many hockey players at the rink. I don't know about the professional players, but the high school players don't wash their equiptment. (at least the ones that skated at our rink)The spitting is nothing compared to the sweaty unwashed uniform smell.
    However, if you go to the E center to watch the Grizzly games, they're pretty fun.


  7. I have only seen games on TV and they look really rough to me! The last time I did contact sport was at school, many years ago, and we certainly did not do spitting and snot-rockets! Urgh! Are these women?


  8. You scared me there for a minute! How could Utah not have hockey? With all that snow? I don't watch hockey myself, though. If they had uniforms with flesh-colored inserts and ruffles and rhinestones I might.


  9. Love the game! Don't stop watching. I am from Chicago and they have an amazing team right now. Ironically, they all played each other in the Olympics. My husband plays, and it has become my favorite sport ever. Pretty amazing how they do it. I skate behind him while he pulls me!


  10. Very funny… I watch my husband play Hockey every Saturday at the olypic Oval. My son also plays in leagues there. My hubby wears a full face mask so if he spit he couldn't see… But about the smelly uniforms, It is the worst smell on the planet… I am sure my hubby's smells the best because I wash it every time… he says some of his buddies have never washed the pads or uniform ever!!! Hockey is a blast glad you enjoyed watching.


  11. Hockey has always been one of those sports that confuses me. My dad grew up playing hockey with the kids in his neighborhood so he understands the game, but I do not. I do know that I wanted the USA to win. I think that should count for something. I have even tried to ice skate and it is much harder than it looks. I also like my teeth and would like to keep them.


  12. How about scratching? Is there alot of scratching (of you know what) going on in hockey ?

    …oh and here's my tip re: spitting (although maybe you found this out first hand since you just went on a cruise) … do NOT and I repeat DO NOT stand at the front of the boat and spit into the wind ….


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