New Shirt

I have some really exciting news.
I got a new shirt today.
I love shopping, and this was quite the adventure!
The shirt was quite expensive…but I am sure I will wear it for many years to come..
It has a classic style.
It is made out of a modern microfibre fabric that is supposed to be really high tech.
It even has a pocket on the sleeve for your cell phone.
You can get one too
I am the Boy Scout Troop Committee Secretary/Treasurer for my Boy’s troop. 
  I know nothing about scouting, so this will be a huge adventure.
I think I need a new bag to match my shirt…….

18 thoughts on “New Shirt

  1. Wow is all I can say about that shirt.. I tapered the one I had and put rhinestone on the buttons.. I got a lot of funny looks when I wore it to round table with my 4 inch Stilettos.


  2. It's a beaut! and it will go well with your hair ;O I can so see a matching original designer Lola bag to boot. How will Lego hair man contain himself?? lol


  3. Good for you!! Yes, Scouts is demanding, but it can be great fun and so rewarding. My husband still talks about all he learned as a Scout, and how much it meant to him. He lost his father in his early teens, and his Scout leaders became important role models in his life. He and I both have spent years working in both Cub and Boy Scout programs, and yes, we've had those moments where we thought we were going to pull our hair out, much, much more of it has been really great.

    So, give it all your best efforts. The boys are worth it!!


  4. You are right, those shirts are expensive. I do know that Gracie Lou's has some fabulous boy scout fabric you could make your bag out of. It has the perfect boy scout green and everything.


  5. LOL… guess what I just bought one of those last week. I however was a rebel and when they told me the ladies Yellow shirt was going to be discontinued I bought that one so everyone would not have the same lovely one I have. And join the club, do not know what I am doing, but we fake it pretty good each week.


  6. Oh, nice shirt, very nice indeed.

    I was a Girl Scout leader for lo so many years, it was actually quite fun. You're used to boys, it should be a blast!

    DEFINITELY needs a bag . . .


  7. My husband is a Scout leader over the 11 year olds. He likes it because campouts are optional at that age. And make sure your matching bag is large enough to carry a sleeping bag and mess kit!


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