The in-laws were all coming over for a party Saturday afternoon. 
Jeff morphed into Super-Anal Retentive-OCD cleaning man.  His Pre-party cleaning puts regular spring cleaning to shame. 

As I was cleaning the tchotchkes that are living on top of the upper cupboards,
 I rediscovered some of my favorite treasures.
The Chickens were given to me by my Sissy, Angel, when we moved into our house.  They are actually  Salt and Pepper shakers.  Come to think of it, the tin of LARD was given to me by Angel too. 
 (She got an A+ in Knick-knack-ology.)
The LARD makes me laugh!  I’m not sure why exactly…
Lard is just a funny word. And, aren’t we glad that it is “Pure” lard instead of “Corrupt” lard.
If you want to know more about pure lard then check out this wiki article

9 thoughts on “Lard…Lard…Lard

  1. Love your pretties! Really love that white pitcher in the background. Your man must be a cleaning machine .. look how fabulous your white kitchen looks. As for me, I tend to stick with earth-tones 🙂


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