Broken Needle

I don’t have much of a brain tonight because I have been sewing a crazy woman.
…..don’t say it.
I finally broke my last machine needle.
 I break needles,
 run out of bobbin thread,
or sew the wrong seam
 when I am in a hurry and don’t have ANY patience left.
Generally, at that same moment, my studio is filled children fighting over who has more of the cool buttons in their pile.
 as my Mother-in-law keeps reminding me,
 I will be alone
…and then what will I do?
I will sew with WILD abandon.  I will finish projects if I want to, or not.
I will wind bobbins without the twins begging to push the button on the sidewinder.
I will,
most likely,
be sad and lonely.

10 thoughts on “Broken Needle

  1. Oh, yea. You'll be sad and lonely. Try to enjoy the chaos, because things will be waaaay too quiet when the children are grown up.

    The one good thing: once they vacate their rooms, you'll have more places to store FABRIC! 😉


  2. I also dream of that “someday” when I will have the time to sew with wild abandon. What worries me is that the crafty older ladies I know who have reached that someday, say they feel too tired most of the time to do anything!


  3. You won't be sad and lonely. But, you will have ice cream in the freezer even after 2 weeks, if you don't eat it yourself, lol. I had an empty nest when I was 42. It was weird at first, but I found I didn't worry about the kids when I didn't know of their comings and goings. THEN, they have your grandchildren!!! ONly down side is…'re older. Enjoy them now.


  4. Sounds like chaotic bliss! Don't you secretly love those times, when the kids just can't wait to help and be a part of your journey to success? Sounds like you have the WILD without the abandon at work. Good luck, and relish in the joys of the memories you are making everytime you look at your wonderful creations. I just love those little spots of “why did you bump me? Now look at that..” and “did you have to make the RED koolaid right now?” and we can't forget “yes dear, that is a wonderful drawing, will you please plug the machine cord back in?”


  5. They come back. They always come back. They are like migrating birds. When we thought we were down to one. One has grown to two. For a bit it looked like it might be three. Still holding at two. Did I mention, they are old enought to be on their own? I can promise you…YOU will never be alone!


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