Holy!! Holi

I have a story to tell you.
It is about the Holi Festival of India.
Up the hill, about 1 mile from my house, is this gorgeous Hari Krishna temple.
It really is an awesome sight. 
 Driving along the little country road.  Looking at cows, farms,
a huge Hari Krishna Temple surrounded by Llamas.
 (the animals, not the Dali kind)
Every Year they Host the Holi Festival of India.
(Go here, or to you tube if you want to learn what it is all about.)
About 15,000 people show up to celebrate. 
 I actually think that there might have been more like 20,000 this year.
They park up and down the roads, in every parking lot, and wherever they can in our city and neighboring Spanish Fork.
This is what they do
Throw tons of colored dust at each other.
Then, they all go home!
My kids have been watching them,
The dust covered people,
walk past our yard all afternoon.
In such a small town…..
Who knew?
(besides the 20,000 or so dustys)

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