I caught a really bad case of Stupid this week.
I always catch everything….it’s all of the kids I have.
Pretty sure that they brought it home from school.
Anyone know how long a bad case of Stupid lasts,
and how long I’ll be contageous?
I need my brain back…
in working condition… like NOW!

5 thoughts on “uhhhhhhhhh…huh?

  1. Depends on your condition. I will be right down with a small non fat snack and non calorie something and a diet coke and I am sure the stupid will go away. Plus Ava has not had her Aunt Lola kiss her for a while, Maybe that is the problem. Of coarse I could also bring you some other things that I will not mention on this here blog because they are unmentionable.
    Or a new pair of shoes could always be the cure. They bring alot of wonderful feelings to the soul you know.
    Oh I think I have been rambling as I sometimes do when I have been stuck in the house for too many days with too many children.


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