Hello!  My name is Jana, and I’m a Shoe-a-holic.
Now, you probably wouldn’t know it from the shoes I wear on a daily basis.
Kind of like these, but not nearly as cool.
The $15 dollar Target version.
 Hey!  I’m the mother of 6.  I need to be comfortable!
But deep down inside I love pretty shoes, and I get to wear them occasionally.
I buy them.
I store them.
I look at them often.
If I buy another pair of shoes, Jeff will be very disappointed in me. 
 He will probably shake his head, and I will feel guilt.
They’re just so pretty……mmmmmmmmmmm!

6 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. all i need to say here is yum, yawn, and yum! I have boring versions too. But those rare moments when I get to wear the WOW shoes…bliss I tell ya bliss!


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