Earthquakes and Kids

  So, there was an Earthquake in Utah today.
We don’t do earthquakes in Utah.
It was far enough away from us that we didn’t feel it, but the kids started to worry.
We live on the fault, and we’ve been warned about THE BIG ONE for years.
I decided that it was a good time to talk about what we should do if an earthquake hit.
Now the girls are bawling, and the boys are freaking.
Parenting is hard.  Should we be prepared, or is ignorance bliss?

9 thoughts on “Earthquakes and Kids

  1. We have been waiting for The Big One forever. We had a 4.2 last week and all it gets from us is, “Hmm. Earthquake.” And then we go back to whatever we were doing.


  2. Oh my, my ever pessimistic 18 year old is fascinated with “Global Warming” and would tell you this is just another event in the process. Parenting is difficult, no doubt about that. I do believe in being honest with my kids even if it scares them, they should be prepared. I remember teaching them what to do in case we are in a violent car-jack when they were little. It scared them spitless but made them aware. Thank God we never had to use those skills.


  3. I live in a earthquake zone in Argentina, and in my old school we had an earthquake drill every month, teachers taught us how to react and how to prepare our houses. so we were ready and calm when the moment comes. But not all schools have this preparation like they should.


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