young and hip

I went to my favorite quilt shop on the planet,
 I needed to pick out the rest of the fabric to make samples for our booth at Quilt Market.
I knew that my day was going to be full of cutting and sewing so I showered,
 combed my hair,
and put on my giant terry cloth (really) sweats. 
 They are huge, shapeless, and BUTT UGLY.
  I still wore them to Gracies because I was only going to be there for a second.
But, tell me now, can you really only spend a couple of minutes in a fabric store?
Surrounded by the beauty of fabric?
The smell of freshly opened bolts of cotton loveliness?
I tell you friend, I cannot!
Anyway, I looked something like this-
only in ugly terry cloth sweats.
(I know, I need to wax my goatee again!)
Of course, I was listening in on the other customers conversations and one of them started talking about my blog, and my ruffle bag…..
What would you have done?
I stepped out from behind the Heather Bailey and said (waving my arms)
“That’s me!  I’m Lola…again!”
So much for formal introductions!
I just wanted to let my new Blog friend know that I don’t normally look that bad.
I usually look more like this
Only younger and hipper.
quit shaking your head!  I do!!

11 thoughts on “young and hip

  1. I would recognize that 2nd photo anywhere!

    It's the LAW that the less put-together you are, the more likely you are to run into someone you know (or someone who knows you) when you run out for a quick shopping trip.


  2. Ha-ha! Where DO you get these pictures you post?! This has happened to me too, so now, even if I am only quickly going to the shop around the corner for bread or milk, I pay a visit to my mirror first!


  3. OMG ! That's hysterical …. but unfortunately I can relate … that's pretty much what I look like when I drop my kid off at school in the morning (and I'm talking about the first picture and not the second ….. oh well….)


  4. LOL that picture is awful, and I am sure you looked very lovely. (its like when the house is a complete pigsty someone always visits but if you've spent hours tidying no one calls at all :/)


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