A Dollah

It’s Summer! 
(Photo that has nothing to do with this post, but isn’t it cute? It is me meeting Happy Zombie and Pam Kitty Morning at market!  I love them!)
…..anyway, Summer! 
We started our Memorial weekend with a tooth pulling.
 Tay, my 6 year old, insisted!
 The tooth wasn’t loose, but there was a tooth growing behind it (weird). 
I had tried pulling it with my super strong pincher fingers.
No go.
So Dad tied a string around it and tied the other end to the door knob. 
Smith (12) slammed the door and…..
the string broke!
EPIC tooth pulling FAIL!
They tied another string to the tooth.  Dad stood in the corner, holding Taylor securely in place. Smith slammed the door.
You could hear the tooth ricochet around the entry way.
Tay said “ow”.
At 5 am the next morning, Memorial Day (a day for sleeping in) Taylor came running down the hall and into our bedroom,
“Dad, da toof fairy brought me a dollah!”
She really brought 2, but it’s hard to count at the OH MY HOLY CRACK OF DAWN!
What did you do to kick off Summer?

6 thoughts on “A Dollah

  1. How funny. Pinkie had her cousin sleep over and while they were goofing off in the princess tent, said cousin kicked Pinkie in the face knocking out an already loose tooth.


  2. No loose teeth around here. Papa came over, he's missing a tooth…does that count?

    Girl, I have seen you all over the internet…you're a Super Star!

    Look out! I am gonna tag along with you next year and eat cake with you!


  3. Wow it would be tragic news if anyone in our household lost a tooth! Love that photo. I'm pretending to be so sweet. You are sweet and so is poor sickthere Monica. It was awesome meeting you. xop


  4. Oh my, I cannot believe that tradition is still around! I think we have all experienced the tooth-pulling method with slamming a door. Very scary for the victim though!


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