A Brady at last!

A long long time ago…In a galaxy far far away
I was a little girl, and I loved to watch The Brady Bunch.

Because I am the youngest of 3 girls ( I have 2 little brothers too)  I always imagined that I was Cindy Brady.

She was so cute with her little pig tails, and her Kitty Karry-all doll (remember her?)    She never got into trouble.  That was me!

When I got a little older I could relate a little better with Jan Brady.

Poor, tortured Jan. 

The goofy middle child that never got any attention because of her older sister Marcia.  MARCIA (say it like Seinfeld says, “Newman”)  I even had the long blonde hair.  To this very day I still can’t stand the chick that played Marcia.  (Blows a raspberry with tongue!)

Happily, I have grown up, and I dont’ have time for such nonsence.
Why, I would never spen hours trying to compare myself to someone on TV? So silly!

 But…If I were to pick a TV Mom to be….

It wouldn’t be Michelle Duggar.  I have long since forgotten the fine art of  Big Bangs. 
 I don’t think I could wear Denim jumpers every day, and Jim Bob gives me the heebie jeebies.

I wouldn’t Be Kate + 8.

That is some bad hair right there!  I know that I wouldn’t have survived 6 kids that were all the same age, and I would have murdered John early in season one because of that stupid look he has on his face all of the time.

I thoughtfully considered being Mrs. Partridge.

 She has stylin’ clothes, funky kids,

 and the worlds most AWESOME van.

  But…she also had Mr. Kincade. EW!

So, of course, I would be Mrs. Brady.

 Carol was the height of fashion.

  She had 6 kids but she also had Alice to do the cooking, the cleaning, and to say all of the funny lines.  Carol got to go to the amusement park, and Hawaii. 

She also got to wear pretty flowing nightgowns, and sleep in the lt blue master bedroom with the funky Cosmic wall paper.  
     Pretty sure I could be Carol
What do you think?
(Thanks, Happy Zombie!  Your Photoshop skills have me the woman I always wanted to be!)

16 thoughts on “A Brady at last!

  1. HYSTSERICAL !!!! But you CANNOT be Carol Brady because I claimed her a couple of years ago (ask Miss Monica Zomby) ….. I've said for years that if I was Carol Brady and had an Alice to do EVERYTHING for me and all I had to do was wear my cool polyester outfits and go to bed right after dinner (and not lift a finger to help clean up) I'd look cool, calm and collected too!


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