Crisis Averted

Dear Friends,
Do you remember last year when I thought I was turning 40,
and my sister commented on my blog to tell me that I was only turning 39? 
That was funny huh?

NO!  It wasn’t!  It was the first time I realized that I was losing my mind.

MID-LIFE had arrived, and I didn’t even know it!

Crisis set in!

And I have taken full advantage of it!
All year long, whenever I have done something crazy, strange, or a little off..(frequently)

I have blamed it on my Midlife Crisis, and people seem to accept it.
It has been very empowering to do things that I have always wanted to do,
( but never dared, )
and fall back on this mid-life scape goat.
So, in the year before I turned 40 I-

-Bought jeans that are NOT “Mom” jeans.

-Worked on Building my dream business, and learned to allow myself to succeed, and more importantly- how to fail….and keep going.
-Dyed my hair, Bleached my hair.
-Fell in love with pretty shoes….bought them, and wore them!
-Loved my Family even more.

-Made new friends and finally met old friends.

– and 100 other equally important (yet much less interesting) things.

I’m NOT afraid of 40! 
I’m happy!
My life is very blessed, and I am VERY thankful!

Thanks to all of you that have become such a big part of my life.  Thanks for the laughs, encouragement, and your support through the hard times.
I love you!


9 thoughts on “Crisis Averted

  1. Age 40 leaves me paralized with fear…ok not that bad but I am holding onto my 30s with a vengance. I have a few more years till i hit it but knowing you are doing well with it leaves me hope…lol…ok I am just being a bit silly here…but really I still turn 29 every year!


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