My Hopes for Today- (Day before Vacation)

*That the laundry will be done.
 For Henrys sake!  I have been doing laundry all week to get ready for vacation, and it is STILL not even close to being finished.

*That the bags will magically pack themselves!
The kids always want to help pack their own bags, but when they do we end up on vacation with
 a bag of toys,
a couple of miss matched outfits,
and NO socks or undies.

*That I won’t be distracted by the sewing machine, or the Internet.
 (FAT chance of that one happening!)

*That Jeff won’t make us stay up all night to get the house spotless clean.
We can’t leave the house unless everything is in order.  It’s an ocd thing.

* That there will be world peace. 
I always hope for that!


10 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I had a friend who wouldn't ever leave it anything but clean too. Because if something happened to them she didn't want her neighbors and friends seeing her house a mess.
    Yeah, I wish the kids could pack themselves too. But you are right you never know what you would end up with.


  2. I think these are all things that happen in every household across the world! One thing is for sure, not ALL the things on that list will be done by the time you leave! If they are, you really are supermom!


  3. Oh the packing! And I can't start early. Nope. If I try, all three kids will inevitably want to wear what I set aside for a specific day on vacation. Lots of tears and frustration. It's better to just cram everything in the dryer into their bags and hope for matching socks.


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