I have been a Mom for almost 16 years now. I really thought that I had seen and heard everything!
Recently, however, I have found myself uttering (sometimes at very high volume) the strangest things and being forced to create new family rules.

Let me give you an example- Sunday, right after Church, we had to make a new family rule….

 “No break-dance head spins in the living room especially while wearing your church clothes.” I thought that was a common sense thing, but apparently not.

Another is –
 “No fart wars in the house…or out of the house. ever. I Mean It!” Boys are really strange animals.
How about-
 “No peeing in the garbage can next to the toilet just because you can.” ew.
I could go on for hours, but I’ll spare you.

In the last 15 minutes I have had to say-
 “Stop making out with the dog!”
“Get your face out of the bowl.”
“Don’t hold there.”
“What is that smell?”
“Why? Why?”


13 thoughts on “Boys…

  1. When I read the title, I made a big sigh, then thought, are gross!!
    I have ahd to tell my boys not to pee in the dump truck. Or any other toy for that matter.
    So, what i am sayiong is I so get it!!! Boys and common sense is a complete oxymoron!!!


  2. My first baby and a boy is due today. And this post didn't easy any of my anxiety, but I'm also very excited and looking forward to being a Mommy to a little boy. I'm sure in a few years I can post something very similar.


  3. You made my Day!!!!!!! I have a 13 & 29 year old. Awe, the memories. They great thing about having just boys…so easy to appear delicate and feminine in comparison. Being the queen rocks! (Until the girlfriends start rolling in)


  4. Oh what memories you bring back. I have three grown sons (two of which are twins). If one couldn't think up something the other did! I've had one rope (yeah like calf roping) another off his bike, and had the school call me the next day to say, “Can you explain why your son has rope burns on his neck?” The gutter talk would start 5 seconds after we all would sit down for dinner. I timed it once, and the longest was 10 seconds. Sometimes we couldn't make it thru saying grace with out someone farting, and the decline of sanity went downhill. I was know to lock my self in the bathroom, closet, car and sob and ever wonder if I was going to get thru all this male stuff (hubby wasn't any help!). Any way, I did make it thru raising three fine young men. They all are working, never have been in trouble with the law, one is married, twins are still single. They still get together and live up the old days and laugh at themselves. Hang in there, you are doing a fine job.


  5. I feel your pain! I could add: “Stop trying to smell your brother's butt!” “Get down from that tree – SLOWLY!” “Don't pee in the middle of the road! That's what the pee rock is for.” (yes, we have a pee rock – outside – in the tree line) “Stop tryig to ride the dog!”

    Gotta love boys!


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