3 things

3 serious things that make me laugh like an 8 year old boy-

Dick Butkus

Lake Titicaca

(not the Syndrome…just the name)

That is all.


Saving Money.

I made a hugely important finding this morning.
I am finally caught up on Laundry at my house. 
This NEVER happens.
 It seems like the second I get it finished everyone changes their clothes, or takes a shower, or it is time for bed….or someone barfs.
 Lucky for me  they all went off to school as I finished the last batch.
So Here is the life changing finding….
.If all of the clothes we own are clean at the same time…
We don’t have enough hangers.
No. More. Hangers.
To save money (of course) I have decided not to ever be caught up again.
It’s for the greater good.