Saving Money.

I made a hugely important finding this morning.
I am finally caught up on Laundry at my house. 
This NEVER happens.
 It seems like the second I get it finished everyone changes their clothes, or takes a shower, or it is time for bed….or someone barfs.
 Lucky for me  they all went off to school as I finished the last batch.
So Here is the life changing finding….
.If all of the clothes we own are clean at the same time…
We don’t have enough hangers.
No. More. Hangers.
To save money (of course) I have decided not to ever be caught up again.
It’s for the greater good. 

6 thoughts on “Saving Money.

  1. So glad to have you back Jana! I have missed you, and your blessings of little giggles. Love how you see life. That is one massive accomplishment….the laundry! I have yet to achieve that one. Maybe in ten years or so when most of the kids are gone!?. You are my idol! I have five kids, two adults in my family, which really means six kids, and I have assigned each one of us a day. If they don't get their laundry done, they don't have clean clothes. Needless to say, my kids have looked homeless since this brilliant new plan was instituted. Good thing I don't care what people think about me… it has given me freedom. However, enough is enough, I think it may be time to step in. I am going to have to throw away some clothes so I can get as close as you are! Hugs, -Cori


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