Patriarchal Blessing

Patriarchal BlessingI got my Patriarchal Blessing when I was 27. I got it because Jeff told me I should. (He has always been so much better at the gospel and obedience that I am.) He was trying to help me find a way to ease the stress I was feeling after I was given a new calling at church that I was sure I wasn’t capable of. (Inspired direction from God just for me? That just might work.) Jeff was right…as usual.

I have loved reading my Patriarchal Blessing through the years. I’ve always thought it was  simple and straightforward–no giant revelations or lightning bolts. Just a sweet note from Father to me.

Last week I decided that I really wanted to STUDY it. That shouldn’t take too long…It’s not like it was the book of Isaiah or anything.  So, here is what I did- I went to Pinterest!


I found this idea! Patriarchal Blessing in scripture format. Genius!! I was going to turn my blessing into a book of scripture to make it easier to study. Each paragraph became like a chapter, each thought became a verse.

This is how I broke the study into small bites-

  1. Define any word you are unsure of. I looked in the Bible dictionary and Webster. Write it all down.
  2. Research your lineage. and the scriptures were helpful with this one.
  3. Identify the blessings promised.
  4. Find any cautions you are given.
  5. List mention of Spiritual Gifts. Look them up in the scriptures or
  6. Write down any other impressions you have while studying, highlight things you want to learn more about.
  7. Feel the love!

My blessing is so much more valuable to me now. I have been so inspired to try to live so that I can have all of the blessings that Heavenly Father wants to give me.

How do you study your blessing? How has it changed your life?