Dreaming of less

I wish I could be one of those cool Minimalists.  Eliminating all of the junk in my life.  There is just SO MUCH STUFF everywhere.

8 people in one house can really accumulate a lot of crapola and I feel like I am drowning. The goal- to have less, so very much less, and give more.

What I hope to gain-

  • Time- the time that I have to spend organizing, cleaning, and caring for stuff. This time could be spent on relationships and adventures.
  • Space- a place for everything that we keep. No more crammed cupboards and drawers!
  • Peace- clutter is making me crazy.
  • Money- we should be able to save something if we stop accumulating…right?

I start tomorrow in the boy’s room.    It’s a doozy!    Pray for my safety.

How do you keep a big family, and their stuff, in check? Any suggestions welcome….


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