On Faith




I’m watching Biggest Loser right now.
I used to eat cake, or ice cream while I watched.
Not any more!

There is one main reason why I’m not snacking right now;
(and it’s NOT that I’m dieting….which I am….)
Bob and Jillian Scare the Freak out of me!!
Has anyone else noticed how intense they are this time??
They are EVIL!!
Are you afraid?

I’m dreaming

I love Ginger Snaps in milk. I like their peppery burn.
Actually, I am no respecter of cookies, I really love them all!

Hot Chocolate chip with walnuts
Oatmeal raisen
White chunk Macadamia.

What is your favorite cookie???
(humor me! I’m having cookie dreams.)


Happy or Crappy?
What makes you happy?
Besides the usual , boring answers of Family, friends, home blahblahblah

I want you to think outside of the box.
To get you started I will perform
“My (stupid) Favorite Things”
(cue the band)
Denture-ish ice cubes

and flossing with bacon.

Friends that like rainbows
either gay or fakin’
Hot Dog buns wrapped around tiny doggies

These are some dumb things that make me happy!

Crime Scene Band aids,

Vinyl perfume,

Hats covered in pooh….

I search the internet for those great, goofy things.
They cause me to smile.
and you?
Products and photos found on www.perpetualkid.com


I didn’t feel like doing any cardio today.
My muscles are aching.
My body is going into shock from the lack of FAT being constantly pumped into it.
I am, overall, CRANKY!
I decided to try Yoga for a change.
You know Yoga….breathing, gentle stretching, easy Yoga…..

Ahhhh…realxing Yoga.
Deep cleansing breaths.

Gentle stretches…

Soothing Yoga.
Isn’t it peaceful?!

WOW! that was much harder easier
and less more relaxing than jogging for an hour on the treadmill with an incline of 7, speed at 12!


Fitness of Fatness
I already know what you are thinking,
“Lola, lola….lola!! You start a diet every New Year. “
“Actually, I think you start a diet every New Week!”
It is true.
I really do think that this time is different. This time I am confident that my mind and spirit are stronger than my fat butt!
Jan. 5th is the weigh in. My husband has vowed to make this lifestyle change too.
Looking for a little Help too? I just joined Sparkpeople (again). It helps you keep track of your nutrition, exercise, and other goals.
I’ve found a few other Tutorials that might help if you are on the Diet and Exercise bandwagon!
To sooth those achy, overworked muscles

Domestic bliss has a little bit of a different take on the traditional rice heat bag.

Drinking your 8 servings of water?

Water Bottle tote by Pink Chalk Studio. I’ve wanted to make these to take to sporting events so that my kids can pack their water!
Heading to the pool, or the local gym?

whip up one of Anna Maria Horner’s Tote-able Towels,


a Wrap towel/ spa towel from Wonderful Pages .

You’ll probably need something to carry your Gym stuff in.

Drawstring bag tutorial from Thimble, and

Yoga mat bag from Bored and Crafty.

I put my little weight loss ticker in my sidebar, and I’m going to show you some before and after pictures……when we get closer to the after! The before pictures are truely hideous. I know that they’d make you throw-up a little in your mouth!
Going to try a few new “low fat wheat bread” recipes. If you have any suggestions, tips, or recipes….let me hear ’em!