This is Chaos!

Organization or Chaos
This is such strange time of year. This void between holidays. Now is the perfect time to get organized for the coming year.
One year ago I happened across the FLY LADY website. I know that this may sound really dramatic… but it changed my life. At least the way I view my home and my place in it. If you’ve never tried flylady you might want to check it out.

Now for some fun tutorials that might help with organizing the chaos:

Storage Basket by J. Caroline . These would be great for all of the magazines, and sewing books that I have laying around.


This cute little fabric basket, by Pink Penguin, would be darling on my sewing room shelves, filled with random notions.


Marmadaisy has a Woven Basket that I’d love to have on my entry shelf for my sunglasses and keys. I am always losing my keys!

That really messy spot on my kitchen counter will be getting a charging basket by Oh! Fransson! ***********************

My fabric stash has recently become a terrible mess!

Who am I kidding? It is always messy!

I think I’m going to have to try Happy Zombies method for folding fabric!


The car organizer by The Mayfly would be perfect for my SUV….and all of the kids!

and Finny Knits has a “Shortish tutorial for Not Ugly Trash Bag” for cars!

I think I’ll go make some of these “organizational” things…

and then organize my sewing room!