"More than just a memory…"

This is my nephew Colton. He left us one year ago, and we still miss him every day. He was such a fun kid!
He was the drummer in a band, and he loved music.
One of his favorites was Flogging Molly. He’s wearing one of their shirts in this picture.
In trying to find something to say today. I found this song.
If I Ever Leave This World Alive
by Flogging Molly
If I ever leave this world alive
I’ll thank you for all the things you did in my life
If I ever leave this world alive
I’ll come back down and sit beside your
feet tonight
Wherever I am you’ll always be
More than just a memory
If I ever leave this world alive
If I ever leave this world alive
I’ll take on all the sadness
That I left behind
If I ever leave this world alive
The madness that you feel will soon subside
So in a word don’t shed a tear
I’ll be here when it all gets weird
If I ever leave this world alive
So when in doubt just call my name
Just before you go insane
If I ever leave this world
Hey I may never leave this world
But if I ever leave this world alive
She says I’m okay; I’m alright,
Though you have gone from my life
You said that it would,
Now everything should be all right
She says I’m okay; I’m alright,
Though you have gone from my life
You said that it would,
Now everything should be all right
Yeah should be alright
It has been a year since we held his hands, and stroked his curly hair.
We all miss his smile and his quick wit.
I know that he is all right where he is. I know that he wants us to be all right too.
You promised that you wouldn’t come home from your mission….
Love you Coley-bowl!

Amazing eyes

I can’t get over the eyes on this girl!
I used to say that before she was born
instead of feeling her kick,
I could feel her eyes bulge.
She was baptized on Saturday!
(Mormon baptisms take place when you turn eight.)
I finished the quilt.
I used Amy Butlers Brick Path pattern,
and Anna Maria Horners Good Folks fabric.

I wonder what would happen if you could mix the talents of Anna, Amy, and Heather?

Great Day!

“I have a dream that one day….”

“…. little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Not Wrestle-Mania

It’s time for the
(Nope! Wrestle-Mania isn’t on right now.)
It’s Church…
Has it really been a week?

I have high hopes that someday Sunday will be a peaceful, restful, spiritual day. I have yet to see any of that happen. Mostly Sunday is rushing 8 people into dress clothes, trying to keep them clean and wrinkle free for 5 minutes, then hoping that they wont yell out anything embarrassing during sacrament meeting. One of my babies would yell “Coke” whenever he saw the sacrament water coming. My 2 year old likes to make train sounds, “TOOT! TOOT” whenever there is a pause in the action.

I think that Church is a lot like Aerobics. I take one to the bathroom, then the baby screams, one needs a drink, two start fistfighting, the older ones get into an elbow fight. And this is just as we are getting into the SUV to go to Church.

I guess it’s time to teach them the Golden Rule!

Funny Pictures
Funny Videos

Going Home….

Mom and Dad are leaving Liberia in a few hours!!!!

Late Tuesday night they will arrive here………

they’ll drive past this……..

head south towards this…….

until they finally get here!!!!!!!!

Two years is a LONG time to have your parents in a distant land!
It has been worth it though!
See you Tuesday night Mum and Dad!!!
Love you!!


Nothing amazing happened today.

We woke-up and made it to Church on time. We actually had one minute to spare.
The kids didn’t fight during Sacrament meeting.
The twins behaved well during primary (childrens Sunday school).
Mac-n-cheese for lunch (the boxed kind) seemed to hit the spot.
I got to take a 2 hour nap.
Dad is holding the baby.
I might make strawberry jam tomorrow.
Our Dryer is about to give up on us, but our Tax return was deposited on Friday.
Kids are giggling in several areas of the house…no one is crying….YET!!
We’ll probably have popcorn tonight, and watch a re-run of something or other.
Spring break is almost over. School tomorrow!

Nothing amazing happened today……………
but it seemed almost perfect!!

Garden Swap Love!!

I got happy mail today!
I was so excited to open this package from my Garden Swap partner, Kim!
Upon opening it I felt so spoiled by her!

The most darling magazine holder full of Garden magazines tied in ribbon, lovely Thank you cards, and the most wonderful handmade..handbound (by Kim) books!
I am floored! I am thrilled! I am inspired!!
Thanks so much, Kim! I don’t have your email, or blog addy……..but, Thanks!!!
You are so SWEET!

My Nephew is doing a little bit better today. I think we will continue to see baby steps for weeks to come! Thanks to all for your love and prayers! I will email you soon!!!