Why Lego?

I have had several people ask why I call my Dearest husband
My Husband is a very handsome man! He works hard on his appearance, especially his hair! He spends quite a bit of time in fromt of the mirror each morning spraying,
blow drying,
His hair becomes this perfect helmet on his head.

He works at the city as the Finance director. When he works he often wears glasses. He looks very distinguished!

If we lived in Lego-land, I imagine, every night at bedtime he would remove his perfect lego hair,


and carefully set it on a shelf.


Lego Hair Man

Thank you for you caring and support. My lego-hair man and I appreciate your prayers and support.

I think I can tell you, now, what had me so frightened.
My husband is a healthy man. He runs 3 miles a day, lifts weights, and stays very active. He takes his health very seriously.

Thursday he came home for lunch and said, “I think I’m going to have to call the Doctor, or go to the Emergency room.” He proceeded to tell me that his left arm was numb and cold, and his face felt like he’d been to the dentist. He sat down and took his blood pressure, and it was quite high.

He went to the ER where they did a CAT scan, an EKG, X-Rays, and finally the Treadmill test. There was something on the X-Ray that they couldn’t identify so they scheduled him for an MRI on Monday. If that is inconclusive they will do an Angiogram.

They told him it could be a pinched nerve, or a blocked artery to his arm, gave him a prescription for Ibuprofen, and sent him home.

This may not sound very scary. but if you compound it with the fact that we have had 3 young men in our family pass away from sudden illness this year…..it can be freaky.

Anyway!! Thank you all again. It really helps to know that you have people from all over wishing you the best, and praying for you.

I feel peaceful about the situation right now. I have faith that all will soon be well.

little to say

I have a post for today.
I’m not sure how to write it though.
It isn’t funny or creative.
Today was unexpectedly frightening in ways.
My husband had a health scare. It isn’t completely resolved yet either.
We are confident that he is ok.
I don’t like being afraid.
It is strange for me to have so much to talk about, and so little to say.


REPOST FROM LAST YEAR…..including comments!
1- What couple was born in the 70’s,

raised in the 80’s,

and married in the 90’s?

2- Who is that little boy?

3-Why does that girl have such big hair?

4- What couple has been married 16 years today…….and plan on staying together forever?


That is us!! Lola and Lego Hair Man!

Amazing eyes

I can’t get over the eyes on this girl!
I used to say that before she was born
instead of feeling her kick,
I could feel her eyes bulge.
She was baptized on Saturday!
(Mormon baptisms take place when you turn eight.)
I finished the quilt.
I used Amy Butlers Brick Path pattern,
and Anna Maria Horners Good Folks fabric.

I wonder what would happen if you could mix the talents of Anna, Amy, and Heather?

I Want My Own Show!

I’m finally coming out of the closet.

My cousin Mim came out today, and gave me the courage to share with you
my un-natural love of


Jim Bob, Michelle, 18 kids with “J” names, and a Daughter-in-law.

How could you not love watching them I ask! They are such a nice family. ALWAYS NICE!

I’ve watched them vacation, build their home, go shopping for food, have a wedding. They are fascinating I tell ya. ALWAYS NICE!

I also have a slight obsession with John and Kate plus 8.

If you haven’t seen this show…..why not? They are a cute family, but they aren’t always nice. I love the chaos, the kids doing normal things, and the parents snapping at each other.

Their house makes my house look calm!

I’m ready for my time on camera! My family show!

We put the FUN is DisFUNctional!