My babies!!

One day while we were driving somewhere
the kids made up a chant
that has become our family “thing”……
“The Nielson 8, we are great!”

Ages 13, 11, almost 8, 4, 5, and 2.
I love that 8, 4, and 5 are the same size! They are one wicked storm of giggles and destruction!
I love that the baby insists on wearing Mr Potato Heads glasses!

I love that they were so excited of Christmas that they were begging to go to bed on
Christmas Eve!

Christmas was wonderful, as always!! How could it be anything but fantastic when you have this group of characters around!! They are great!!


Yo Yo and Allison

It’s my 1 year blogiversary today.
I spent it sitting under my toddler that has the stomach flu……

I’ve enjoyed this year of making new friends, learning, and being inspired by you all!!!

I wish you Peace and Joy!

The Kids are home……RUN!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The kids are all home from school today!!!
So, like any good Mom
I’m going somewhere else!
O.k, I’m only kidding…..I don’t have anywhere to go so I’m staying home.
I have so much to be thankful for!!
This holiday season is going to be difficult for our family. Last year, at this time, there were two people here that are not here now: my Nephew and Brother-in-law.
We are thankful for their lives, that we had them as long as we did, and for the love that we still have for them. We’re just sad because we miss them.
We are thankful this year because two people that weren’t here last year, at this time, are back.
My parents were in Nigeria and Liberia for the last 2 Thanksgivings on a church mission. We are so thankful to have them back with us this year. We missed them so much!!
Hope that you ALL have a great holiday!
Don’t get hurt on Black Friday if you are one of those who dare go out.
I won’t decide until I see the ads…..

The Most Wonderful….

I really love christmas time!

It starts very early at my house.

Yesterday at lunch my 5 year old was throwing a fit over some random thing….again.

It didn’t take long for my husband to pick up the phone to call Santa on him.

I like to threaten that Santa’s elf is watching……Look there he goes! did you see him?

There is not another time of the year that we can get the kids to stop fighting so quickly.

I love Santa!

Peace on Earth!

You still have until Monday morning to enter!!! Get going!!

Gift Ideas…

Yes!! It is that time of year again.
Usually I have completed all of my holiday shopping by now. I just started this years shopping today.
I thought I’d share some of my great finds with you!
These are for those that are Really Hard to Shop For!

Are you tired of watching those poor squirrels running around trying to find a place to hide their nuts??


When I was in College I had a Jewish friend that celebrated all gift getting holidays. I finally found the perfect present for her….


Year after year, Aunt Flossy sends you the obligatory fruitcake. With the failing economy, she won’t be able to afford the postage on such a heavy gift. Here is a great option…..the inflatable Fruitcake. (you never eat the real one anyway)


You all should know how I feel about the Stick-kind of the world. This would be the perfect gift for any S.T.U.P.I.D person.

Jazz hands NOT included

All Items found at

Dang Me!!

Whenever we would go on a drive with Dad and Mom, in the big green van, (…with all of the seats pulled out so that we could haul padding and upholstry fabric home from Silver States…)we listened to Dad’s music. He would turn off the CB radio, and pop in one of his favorite 8-tracks!

It had to ba a proud moment for him when his 3 little girls would belt out all of the words to “Chug-a-lug” by Roger Miller! (only listen to the first half of this recording..there is some other lame song that comes on!)

I still remember the chorus!

Here is my other favorite Roger Miller tune.

Once, when we traveling to a national park, I remember that My sister Diana and I were getting very bored with the drive….and the music. We happened to be listening to Roger Whitaker this time. He is a great singer, and he whistles…..a lot! To make the journey more lively, Diana started to lip synch the whistling parts of the songs. We laughed hard, and until we got into trouble. I found the video to the best whistling song, Mexican Whistler, but it won’t allow you to embed it into your blog! (RUDE!!!) So, if you want a chortle, follow this link. You should even try to lip synch along!

My Dad is a cool man! He taught me how to make up my own words to songs. He taught me that songs can make people laugh. He also taught me some things that I shouldn’t repeat………….
Happy Fathers Day Sneaky Pete!
Here’s to metal detecting,
Cows waking up on our way to Strawberry,
Turkey Trots,
and saying “ewwwwwww” when we watched you hug and kiss Mom in the kitchen!
I love you!

Finger in your Nose?

I think that Father’s Day is one of the hardest holidays to shop for. My Dad is one of those guys that just goes out and buys the things that he really wants. It seems like we either get him a shirt, or some random food item, “Let’s see….we gave him trail mix last year…..what about a few cans of Spam this year??” Funny thing about that is he probably would enjoy the Spam!
My husband always says that he doesn’t want a gift. He…..” just wants the kids to be nice and get along for ONE DAY!” I know that I won’t be able to get him that!! (I’m fairly sure it doesn’t exist!)

One year my kids made their Dad King for one day! They gave him a goofy Burger King crown, a baby blanket cape, and the scepter….the T.V. Remote, of course! It was a funny idea, and the kids had a blast acting like his servants. Unfortunately, even the King couldn’t make them stop fighting!!

I have been searching the net, looking for the perfect gifts for Dad, and I thought I would share the fruits of my labor with you… lucky reader you!!! If you act now, you can probably get them shipped to you on time too!
This first gift is good for any man in your life! This is the ultimate in Nasal Grooming. The finger allows you to discreetly trim your nose hairs in public, and no one will ever suspect that that is what you are doing! The best part….only $9.97!

For the Desk Dad that wishes his job was a little more blue collar…

Convert a spare coffee mug into a desk & workbench organizer!” only $4.99 from x-treme geek!

Want to make the hours they spend in the loo more memorable?? Then this is the perfect gift for you!! (again from X-treme Geek)

This lovely TP roll lets you record a message, of your own choice, that plays back when the roll is spun. Can’t get better than that!! A moving experience!!

I’ll keep looking! I’m sure that there are hundreds of items fit for a fabulous Father! What are you giving the Dads in your life??