Some of This….

What fun things did you do over the long weekend????

With the Husband available for a few extra days, and nights, we finally completed weaning the baby. I would have to admit that I was somewhat reluctant to because he is my LAST baby. I’m not sure I am ready to move into the, “Finished Having Kids” stage of life…….but it is time….Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! No more of this……

So all weekend long I have been first chased by this……

Then…he decided to avoid me! He would yell at me whenever I tried to get his attention. Today he is acting better though!

I had quite a voluptuous figure for a few days! I felt like this…………
But, I am sure that I look more like this……..
I worked at our Floral making many arrangements like this………… While eating a healthy diet of this…….
When our neighbor arrived home from Iraq there was a parade through town. It looked much like this…. (the rain and all!)

Hope you all enjoy your short week this week!! Only one week until Mom and Dad are home at last!!!


Happy Earth Day!! Re purpose……

Look Ma!! I’m on Sew Mama Sew again!!!! I feel like a SUPA STAH!
I am the same old Lola..again, Mother of 6………..(but re purposed as a purse maker!!)

Here is a great way to re purpose those Security Envelopes that you get with your monthly bills, and don’t use because you pay electronically (to save paper, and energy of course!)

I have lots of old Jeans (that don’t fit) that I would love to make this Raggedy Rug, by Lolly knitting around. My Mother in law uses old jeans to make the warmest winter quilts like this one from Simply Quilts HGTV.

At the end of every winter season, it seems that I end up with a closet full of sweaters that need a new life (usually shrunk in the wash). Gonzomama Knits took her favorite sweater and made it into a pillow

Sweaters are made into blankets,
aprons, and purses.
Right now I am saving my soup cans. I need lots of little “stuff” holders in my studio. How about Orange shows you how to cover them to make them to make them more funky!

That is all of the tips I have for today! Tell me what you are doing to celebrate the Earth this week….Happy Earth Day/Week!!!!

For the LOVE…of Fabric!

I love fabric, especially NEW fabric!! The fabric above is the fabric How about Orange‘s Jessica Jones designed. It is callled Modern Flora for J. Caroline Creative. It is available for purchase now!

Designer Anna Maria Horner has been teasing us for a while with pictures of her new line Drawing room! I would LOVE to make a quilt like this one, made by Nanette Merril from Freda’s Hive, out of those fabrics when they are finally released! Nanette is the quilter that introduced me to Superbuzzy fabric store! Their fabric selection is grand!! (I’m waiting for an order from them now…don’t tell Lego Hair Man!)

This delicious (Yes! I would eat them if I could!) stack is called Ginger Blossom, designed by Sandi Henderson – Portabello Pixie. MMMmmmmmm!

I learned about this next designer from a new site called Brassy Apple! Her name is Daisy Janie. This is her third line of fabric! They are perfect for my vision for my living room! I want to frame some, and quilt some! Check it out!
Now! if you want to buy some great fabric, with great customer service, go to Quilt home! They have excellent prices too. ( I’m the type that searches for them, so i know!)

Nothing says LOVE on Valentine’s….like Fabric! ( I also accept gift certs to fabric stores, or cash!)
PS. Please excuse the overwhelming number of exclaimation points in this blog. I get excited sometimes!

Valentines Craft-y

Valentines craftiness on Sunday…..This is about as exciting as Valentines gets around here!

Valentines Week, for our family, is much different than it is for everyone else.
Our family owns a floral, and we have been there for 13 or 14 Valentines days.
This week will be full of hard work, long hours, stress, panic, and exhaustion!
Oh yeah….Fear! Did I mention fear??? That too!
This Valentines Day craft is a simple one! Felt, Cookie cutters, and embroidery floss…and a couple of minutes! I think I might pit pins on the back of them….maybe not….not sure yet!!
Happy Love Week!

The day after…or, What happened to the counter top???

The day after Christmas party. We gather in our jammies, watch movies, play video games, and EAT!!!! I am trying to get everyone to eat all of the goodies so the diet can start on January 1st (again)!

The in-laws made me a breadboard for Christmas. I’ve been making bread on the tile counter top, and it is not an easy task. I couldn’t wait to try it out this morning!

I put on my breadmaking apron. It was given to me by the Relief Society for my birthday a few years ago. The apple print makes me happy, and it is super easy to wash all of the flour off of. I make a big mess when I am making bread.

I made 2 loaves of white, artery clogging, bready goodness. The honey baked ham was begging for fresh bread….so, I gave in. One loaf was gone before it had a chance to get cooled off. I plan on finishing off the other one when I’m done typing.

Tallulah Belle is so cute in her jammies. She finally lost her first tooth….I was starting to worry about her teeth, not sure if she was EVER going to lose one….She’s almost 7 you know! I could just kiss her head!

Tiny Turtle is finally asleep. He decided to wean himself 5 days ago. It has been a problem because he won’t take a bottle, or a sippy. He starts screaming when he’s tired, and the only person he will fall asleep for is his daddy. This is a good break for me after 1 year of being “breast friends”……I wonder what we’ll do with him tomorrow when Daddy is back at work??

6 Months planning…6 seconds unwrapping

This is my basement on christmas morning….but, this is how I feel all of the time! I feel like I am sitting there, in slow motion, as everything is spining around me, and past me!

6 months of thinking, planning, preparing, stewing, shopping, and it is all over with in a flash of paper and giggles. It was a wonderful six seconds. For 6 whole seconds all 6 children were happy. For 6 seconds there was nothing else in the world but newness, boxes and paper, plastic and cardboard….new toy smell. Complete chaos! Total world peace! Love for everyone! ( for 6 seconds at least…)

Red roses on the Christmas table. My Mom opened a floral 13 years ago. My sisters Angel, Dee Dee, and I worked there with her until she and Dad left for their LDS mission 16 months ago. The flowers are there to remind us of Mom and Dad, and that this is the LAST Christmas that they will spend away from us!!

I snapped a pic or two of one of Angel’s trees. (I think she has pared back to only 2 this year) Her house is always gorgeous, but at this time of year it is AMAZING!

Taters was so much fun this year! I remember dreaming of this Christmas when he was still living in Haiti. Wishing for him to be with us, and knowing that this was the LAST Christmas we would have to spend without him.

Christmas eve it started snowing. It has been years since we’ve had a real white Christmas. This morning the sun is bright, and the sun’s reflection on the snow is blinding!

So far, this has been a great day. Tomorrow we will call the folks in Liberia…..once the chaos of this day wears off a little. You wouldn’t believe the noise level….unless you have kids too.