Since you asked..

…….the fabric I’m using is from Art Gallery, by Patricia Bravo.
I started loading it on the BEST fabric site in the whole world
(…at least we working towards that)
ps. I’ll be uploading TONS of new fabric there this week!

Mystery Purse Day 1

It’s Here!! It’s Here!! It’s Finally Here!!!

(Wow! I had a hard time waiting so long.)
Well…..Let’s get started!!!!!
***If you need help email me at or leave a comment.****
Fabric and Notion requirements:
1 yard of the Main fabric
1 yard of Accent fabric (will also be the lining)
2 yards of heavy fusible interfacing
Matching Thread
1 magnetic snap
*optional* 4 D-rings for straps.
Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter and Mat**
**Can be done without rotary cutting…it will just take longer!
If you haven’t already done so, sign up for a Flickr account, and join Gracie Lou’s group.
We will be posting pics of our progress, and the finished products

Before cutting:
*Iron both pieces of your fabric. (don’t iron the fusible interfacing….that would be bad!)

*Open them up and press out the fold. I use lots of steam, and spray starch.
*Look at the cutting diagrams below. The pieces all fit snugly into the yard of fabric. You pretty much have to cut it out this way to make it all fit.

*Mark (with pinned on paper, or tape) fabric pieces as you cut them.

From your Main outside fabric cut:
3 – 16″ x 24″ for purse body (mark 2 of them “A”, and one “B”)
1- 4″ x 44″ Straps
1- 8″ x 16″ Pocket
1- 4″ x 12″ D-ring straps

Lay fabric out flat….NO FOLD!!!

From your Accent/lining fabric cut:
3- 16″ x 24″ (mark 2 of them “A”, and one “B”)
2- 4′ x 9″ Strap Accent
2- 6″ x 7″ Flap

Lay fabric out flat….NO FOLD!!

From Interfacing cut:
2 – 16″ x 24″ For lining (both A lining pieces)
1- 4″ x 44″ For Straps
1- 8″ x 16″ For Pocket
2- 6″ x 7″ For Flap

Step 1-Fuse interfacing to matching pieces.
*If you want a stiffer bag you can Interface Purse Body B, and Lining B pieces.
*If you want to use it for a Computer Bag, I suggest using fusible fleece for Interfacing on Purse Body B, and Lining B

Step 2-Get 4″ x 44″(or width of fabric) strap piece and cut it into fourths.
(they will each measure approx. 4″ x 11″)

Step 3-Take your 2 Purse Body A pieces.
Lay them with right sides together.

Fold stack in half.

We are going to mark a right angle on the side with raw edges. Measure over 8″ and down 7″.
Mark as shown in photo.

The next thing you will need to do is round out the corner.

Just freehand it, or you can use a bowl as a guide.
Cut that curve away.
Everything is now cut, faced, and ready to go for Monday.
Take Sunday off, or use it to catch up!

Day 2 here

Show me the Fabric!

I know that I showed you this fabric a few days ago.

It’s my Mystery purse fabric.

I am dying to see what you have picked out.

I can’t wait until you post pics of your completed bags, so how about you post them on the Flickr group, or on your blog and leave a link in your comments….please????

Get Your Machine in Shape

Last week I had my Sewing Machine serviced by the
(he even makes house calls).
He taught me about my machine, and how to keep it “tuned up”.
The man is a miracle worker. Bessie Higginbottom has never sounded better.
He took all of the removable parts off, and all of her innerds were showing.
Then he showed me how to oil all of the moving parts (every 6 months)
with WD40 (really!)
He also told me to oil the bobin race every day that I sew.
Here are a few other tutorials on Machine Maintenance:
New Mexico State University-this on also teaches you about getting a good tension.
Get those Machines ready…and Make sure that you have some good needles handy.
(I only broke one this time!)

Mystery Purse Options..

There are a few different ways to do this Mystery Bag.
It just depends what kind of bag you want in the end.

Once you get the bag semi-assembled you will be able to tell if you like the way it feels. Is the interfacing stiff enough? Do you want a hard bottom insert? What will you be using the bag for?

I have made this bag several ways, and I like them all, but they are all for different purposes.
The one that I will be using for my computer bag I have interfaced with Fusible Fleece… it that protected feeling. You would need about 1/2 yard fusible fleece.

The one that I’m carying my books and folders in I have double interfaced- the lining and purse body. I have also used a double layer of peltex in the bottom. This bag doesn’t lose it’s shape.
You would need an additional 2 yards of interfacing, and 1/2 yard peltex.

The third one is just a purse/summer bag. I have made it with 1 layer of interfacing. This is the way I will be teaching in the Sew-along.

****Don’t forget to join the flicker group. It is under Gracie Lou’s****
***Did you know that it takes 24 to 48 hours for them to read an MRI?? Talk about dragging the anxiety on!

like "buttah"

This is my fabric for the Mystery Bag.
It is by Art Gallery, and it feels like butter!
I started taking pictures for the tutorial right after lunch.
The wind started to kick up outside, and it knocked the power out…..
in the WHOLE CITY!!
It made me realize how much I depend on electricity to get through the day.
No sewing
No laundry (yeah!)
No ironing
No Wii (for the 4, 5, and 6 year old)
No computer (at least no internet)
No TV, which meant No Thomas the Tank Engine. That threw the baby into a fit.
Everything i wanted to work on needed power!!
It was the longest 45 min. of my life!!