Ms. Lucy

This picture makes me SMILE!
My five year old Brig,
and his “little” four year old brother Tay.
When I saw this fabric in the shop I knew that it was destined to be Easter shirts for these two cuties. They couldn’t wait to wear them, and they kept begging me to “hurry and put the buttons on!”
It was a very simple pattern. I’ll have to remember to post the company and pattern number.

This is a Picture of my 8 year old Macy.
The dress she is wearing is IZZY and IVY’s first dress pattern called the “Macy Giggles” Sun Dress.
When I told her I was taking her picture for the blog she purposely tipped her head down because that is “How they do it in the magazines” she said.

This pattern will be printed in the next few weeks, and will be for sale in May!!

There are at least 2 other patterns that will be released at that same time. I have another 3 ready for the next printing sometime this summer.

If you didn’t catch the post on Gracie Lous, my new Dress form is named

Ms. LUCY Venus

I’ll just call her Lucy or Luc (loose).

Now that Easter is over, what projects do you have on the queue?


Just when you think

Just when you think you’ve got your kids figured out,
they go and do something that surprises you.
There is something about Wednesdays that causes my children to behave badly.
(they turn EVIL!)
Yesterday was no exception.
By the time Lego Hair Man got home from work they were swinging from Chandeliers
(ceiling fans= White trash Chandeliers)
Lego and I had a viewing/visitation that we needed to go to. We hurried out of the house as quickly as we could, leaving several fighting-screaming-angry children in our wake.
(It is really sad when going to a mortuary is actually a nice night out, because you are actually out)
When we got home, the house was in a state of chaos.
(It is amazing how fast they can mess up the house!)
Our oldest DD was waiting at the door to lead us down to my (still in disarray) Studio.
Waiting for us was a candle light dinner that they had all readied for us.
They built a table out of 2 TV trays and a piece of plywood, covered by a lace table cloth.
We had angle hair pasta, carrots, salad, and Diet Pepsi in our fancy glasses.

We were so thankful for their thoughtfulness.
They knew that we didn’t have time to go out… they made an “Out” for us.
They even tended the little ones upstairs while we ate.
(pay no attention to the stack of mending, scattered books, butt wipes, and general Mayhem behind me. The basement is really cute….when clean)
It was exactly what we needed……
and I have a renewed affection for my children too.

Here is a sneak peak of Izzy and Ivy’s pattern I just finished.
She who has no name looks adorable in it! Go here and name her….and maybe win stuff

Does anyone know anyone that could do some pattern grading FAST?? Someone with CAD??

Just asking…..

A Rose by another name

What is your sewing machine’s name??

I named my Singer 221 STELLA. She is a sweet little lady from the 30’s.

My Bernina 930 is a quirky gal. She’s a hard worker, but there always seems to be some little hiccup-burp. I named her Bessie Higginbottom after the cartoon character.

My new Babylock is named Francis, after baby on Dirty Dancin, mostly because she’s a star in such a humble disguise.

If you want to hear what other sew-ists are saying go here. Fabric on sale here.

Sunday dress

I made a new wrap around skirt to go with the cute shirt I made the day before.

I wore it to church today because the sun was shining.


when we left….there was 4″ of snow on the ground

and it was still falling.

I made my teen take my pic, and tried to find a good before weightloss picture.

Unfortunatley, I didn’t let anyone take pictures of me then because I hated to look at them. So, you get this goofy picture of my head again. I think you get the idea though.
I’m hoping to get my hair cut off into a pixie, and dyed red with blonde highlights for the summer.

ps. My 4 year old told me that I look “Handsome” today. I thought that was sweet.


What I did while you were working on the Mystery bag.

A Diaper bag for my niece’s sister-in-law. Lyns gave me the fabric months ago….
of course I didn’t start the bag until 2 days after the baby was born.

I’ve had the fabric for new kitchen curtains for months too. I finally got around them, and they only took about 1/2 hour to make and hang.

It drives me crazy when I keep putting a project off because “I don’t have time“, only to find out that I wasted more time thinking about not having time than it actually took to make the project. Another example of that would be the living room drapes that needed hemming…for 2 years. Hemmed them Monday. took 20 minutes. baaah!

anyway….made curtains, a charging basket, and a Diet Coke can recycling bag.

I made this adorable (tampon) envelope bag. I hate to have those things rolling around in the bottom of my bag so that my toddler can pull them out in the middle of church.

I had to make a new ironing board cover for the fold out board. The old one was never right, and it ended up shrinking….and melting. Weird!!

Lastly, I made a new header for my favorite Quilt Shop…and blog. I think that this one is a keeper….i hope???

What are you doing this week?

Make Note..

These are the fun things I made this weekend!!!
This is the Journal cover from Kirin Notebook.

It was easy to make, and is the perfect disguise for my dollar store notebook!

I also made a couple of Craft Apple’s small patchfolio’s. They only take about an hour to make, and it’s a fun little gift to give!
I made this one for my Shasta-tita! She just had a birthday!
Happy Day Fantasta!!