Get Your Machine in Shape

Last week I had my Sewing Machine serviced by the
(he even makes house calls).
He taught me about my machine, and how to keep it “tuned up”.
The man is a miracle worker. Bessie Higginbottom has never sounded better.
He took all of the removable parts off, and all of her innerds were showing.
Then he showed me how to oil all of the moving parts (every 6 months)
with WD40 (really!)
He also told me to oil the bobin race every day that I sew.
Here are a few other tutorials on Machine Maintenance:
New Mexico State University-this on also teaches you about getting a good tension.
Get those Machines ready…and Make sure that you have some good needles handy.
(I only broke one this time!)

Itty Bitty

Last night I made the cutest Itty Bitty baby dress, from Made by Rae, out of some brown and pink Japanese fabric. It turned out so sweet!
(of course I didn’t take a picture of it)
that I had to run right to Gracie Lou’s to show everyone.
Shasta decided that we should make lots of them,
out of all of the fun fabrics,
and hang them all over her store.
So….I grabbed more fabric so that I could make one tonight.
I finished it, and realized that there was a class going on at Gracie’s…..
so, I should probably go and get some MORE fabric…..

…anyway, that is as far as I’m getting tonight!

I’ve got to go watch Biggest Loser, and Scrubs (Thank You TIVO!) Speaking of Biggest Loser- thanks for all of the Congrats on winning.

I had several people as what we won (besides our Killer new bods (bwahhhahhhahha) !!!) Well, we won a pre-paid Visa with $200 on it. Unfortunatley, it won’t even make a dent in what it is going to cost to replace all of our clothes that are now too large.

I have also had a bunch of people ask about the Mystery Bag, and what kind of bag it is. This is all I’m going to tell you about it- It is a large “tote” that is pretty enough to carry as a “purse”, but large enough to carry everything you need for warm weather outings!

ps.I am getting so excited….and a little nervous too.

Just can’t cut it!

costume found here
I will be putting together a
Rotary Ninja Refresher Course
this weekend.
It should be fun, funny, and (hopefully) posted on Monday!
Do me a favor, practice at least one Ninja move on someone this weekend…
just outta the blue go all ninja on your family.

Classy 2

Here are some pics from last nights class.
We made Portobello Pixie’s Gathered Shopper (not the bag pictured on the cover).

Classses are always so much fun. I love to see how everyone’s purses turn out. They are all so different, but I loved them ALL.

The girl with the big smile in the picture above is Carrie. She is one of the funniest people on the planet, and one of my favorite too. Hi Carrie!!

Judi is going to kill me for posting this picture of her. She was dancing around while modeling her purse (isn’t it great!) She makes me laugh!
Thanks ladies for making class so much fun!!


I taught “Purse of the Month” class tonight at Gracie Lou’s.

It was a great bunch of ladies, and we laughed..


for a long time!

I took pics that I will have to post later.

It is 10:58pm.

Way past my bedtime!

I bought my fabric for the sew along tutorial.

It is lovely!! I’m getting so excited!

Better get to bed…I’m delerious!

What a BAG!

The Purse of the Month for March, at Gracie Lou’s, is going to be
I got to make the shop sample today….out of Joel Dewberry’s Ginseng.

This is a HUGE bag. You could carry a small child in it….
if you wanted to.

The pattern is pretty simple. I messed up on cutting the sides though. Lucky for me, there was plenty of extra fabric for do-overs!
One thing I would do differently is that next time I would put a pocket or two inside it.
I think I’ll use it as a picnic-sports-pool bag.
It would also make a great Laundry bag for teen Daughters room…..
not that she would use it for laundry, she prefers the floor for that.
I’m still working on the fabric details for the SEW ALONG.
Keep watching for more details.
Grab the button from my sidebar, and put it up on your blog to help round up more people to participate in the fun!!


Made this today for my table.

I’ve had this fabric, Arcadia from Moda, since October quilt market.

I bought the whole Fat Quarter bundle!

I made the coolest quilt (needs to be quilted),

framed a few improv blocks for my entry,

and made 2 runners.

I think I have enough left to make a few birdies….

I hope.