Tutorials are Coming!!!

Thanks for all of the SUPER ideas for tutorials!!!
I want to do them all, so it might take a while!
This is what I did today

It is a binder cover for me to keep my notebooks in.

I should have the Tutorial up by Monday afternoon. It was fun to make, and not that hard either.

I also made a pattern for the Super Secret Tampon Wallet! I loved that idea! Thanks Rebecca!

I start teaching my Purse of the Month Club, at Gracie lou’s Quilt Shoppe, this weekend. I am nervous, and excited. I’m starting off with the Jenny Bag, but I’ve designed new bags for all of the other months. I will have those patterns available (soon) on Etsy.

Well, off to type up the instructions for the tute!!


Kids take up all my sewing time!

The kids took me to the park yesterday, and today we are going to the waterpark…well…in the back yard.

Summer fun is rapidly coming to a close and I think we are all ready for school to start.
Here are a few blogs that might give you some ideas of how to end summer with bang!

The Crafty Crow

Two Cups of Coffee

Make and Takes

Kids Crafts

Craftzine kids crafts

Hopefully, SOON, I’ll get to get back to sewing!!! I can hear my fabric calling my name…….it is getting hard to block out the voices………..Must.resist.a.few.weeks.longer………

Plasti-Bag-Tastic!!! (Heh Heh heh!)

Monday was definitely a Monday!!!
I think that we have finally determined that our curly haired twin, when given Benadryl, becomes very psychotic excitable! In allergy season, when this is the only medication you have available, this is a bad thing! His straight haired twin brother, on the other hand, gets tired and whiney. That isn’t cute either! Today STUNK……. with a capital P that stands for PU!
I did take some time to work on Fused Plastic Goodness. It was the highlight of my day! So!!! On with the show!
First I made a reusable trash bag for my vehicle. I took 2 cereal box liners and opened them so that they lay flat. I scattered some red crayon shavings between the layers to give it some color. After fusing them together, I sewed a seam down the back, and across the bottom. I sewed across the bottom corners to make a flat bottom, but that is optional. I rolled a hem at the top to make it look finished.

Second, I made a new makeup bag for my thirteen year old daughter. For this I fused two bags like above. I cut a heart out of a silver liner that I had and sandwiched it between the layers. This time I fused the back seam, and the bottom seam, then hot glued some velcro as a closure.

My third project was for teen girl too. She has been begging me for a Capri-sun bag, but I thought a Cereal purse would be just as much fun. I used three liners this time. I cut pieces off of 2 cereal boxes for the front, bottom, and sides. First I glued the cardboard to the fused plastic, then sewed around the pieces.

I used scissors to poke holes in the front and back, then used cording for the handles! We’re both happy with the results! I think I’ll make a Capri-sun wallet to go in it.


Ahhhhhh! It wasn’t very long ago that I got that really great deal on cereal. You know, the one where I bought about 40 boxes……..twice!!

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take us very long to eat that much cereal!!! It seemed like we were going through 10 boxes a week, maybe more, and I started having guilt. Guilt for being such a consumer, for creating so many consumers, and for creating so much garbage! So, I started saving them. I saved the boxes, and the plastic liners too….not sure what I was going to do with it all.
Photojojo gave me the idea, and the cool video tutorial, of how to make scrap paper journals. She uses pictures for the outside covers…I used cereal boxes!!! My kids love having their own notebooks that they can use as they please. I have made TONS of these with DH’s scrap paper from work. FREE FUN FOR EVERYONE!!
The plastic liners have been taunting me for weeks…sitting there in the drawer…wasting precious kitchen storage space and stuff….so, I decided that this is the week that I finally do something about them, and the hundreds of plastic grocery bags that I have stuffed into my little recycle bag.

This first project uses fused plastic as the main fabric. It is really easy to do too. You don’t have to use cereal bag like I have, you can use the grocery bags. I think you’ll probably have to use more layers though. Etsy has a good fusing tutorial here.

These are the little lovelies I created last night. They are tea light lanterns/covers, or whatever you want to call them.
Materials: plastic to fuse, wax paper, embellishments, glue gun, iron and ironing board.

Step 1- get your liner, and open all of the sealed ends. Lay it out flat, then fold it in half.

Step 2- Decide what you are going to fuse inside the plastic. I cut out a design from some fabric. you can also use paper.
Step 3- Fold your plastic in half again sandwiching your embellishment between layers. Lay sandwich on waxed paper, then cover with waxed paper.
Step 4- Fuse with hot iron. This takes less time than you think, so keep checking.
Step 5- Let it cool for a few seconds, then take waxed paper off. I have found that if you remove it while it is still warm it comes off better.

Step 6- decide what shape you want it to be. It creases pretty well when you make squares. Hot glue the seams together, put a tea light in it, and you are done!!

I think they turned out pretty cool!

More nifty plastcreations tomorrow!

Tutorial coming

I’ve been working on a few projects….I’m not sure if you call it “Recycling crafts??”
Or, maybe “Trash to Treasure”!
I’ll post them later today!