I have been a Mom for almost 16 years now. I really thought that I had seen and heard everything!
Recently, however, I have found myself uttering (sometimes at very high volume) the strangest things and being forced to create new family rules.

Let me give you an example- Sunday, right after Church, we had to make a new family rule….

 “No break-dance head spins in the living room especially while wearing your church clothes.” I thought that was a common sense thing, but apparently not.

Another is –
 “No fart wars in the house…or out of the house. ever. I Mean It!” Boys are really strange animals.
How about-
 “No peeing in the garbage can next to the toilet just because you can.” ew.
I could go on for hours, but I’ll spare you.

In the last 15 minutes I have had to say-
 “Stop making out with the dog!”
“Get your face out of the bowl.”
“Don’t hold there.”
“What is that smell?”
“Why? Why?”


Thanks for The Dream

 “I have a dream that one day….”

“…. little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.”
                                   Martin Luther King Jr.

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’m not dead yet.

I’m back.
I’m really not sure what happened to the last several months.  It seems that they were sucked into a very deep sewing black hole…….
From the pre-market patterning void of no return, to stitching for market, to costuming the High School production of Les Miserable…with a cast of 47….playing multiple parts…it was huge!

So, instead of doing a long wordy re-cap, I thought that I would just put up a few pictures (I only took a few).

This is our booth at Quilt Market.  It wasn’t an ugly booth…just an ugly picture of a cute booth!
We got a puppy.  Her name is Georgie.  I love her!
She’s a Shih Tzu.
This is the reason I did costumes for Les Mis.  Her Name is Jessica. I love her too!
 (even though she can be a Shih tzu at times too!)
These are the “Lovely Ladies”.
The Thenardiers..
Marius and Cosette
The workers and Fantine
Val Jean and Fantine the prostitute.
…random photo of me and Betz White with facial hair. 
(I took this picture from The Creative Connection blog I think)
I hope to get back to regular blogging now that I have done an abridged catch up post.
I’ve missed coming here.  It’s a pretty nice place! 

Road Trip

This story begins many moons ago,
 when I was just a young pup, in college. 
One lovely day, whilst sitting in my Art History class, the teacher taught us about an Earthwork Sculpture in Utah.  This sculpture, by artist Robert Smithson, is called the Spiral Jetty.
   While Smithson’s other artwork was a little too freaky-deaky for me, I fell in love with the Spiral Jetty.  The thoughts of earth made into an art piece that was constantly changing, constantly being acted upon by nature and man, struck me.
  Over the years (and years…and years) I have often looked at pictures of the jetty. It was built during a drought in the 70’s and then was submerged for 30-ish years when the lake returned to normal.  Some of those years it was difficult to see.
  Last week we heard a news report that many of the boats at the Great Salt Lake were stuck at the docks because the water level was so low. I looked at Jeff (who knew about the Jetty because I MADE him know) and he knew that it was time.
This morning we loaded up our little (HA!) family and headed out on our grand adventure.
Jeff had looked it all up, printed off maps, and planned the day. 
First was the 2 and 1/2 hour drive to Promontory Point to the Golden Spike museum.
 The museum was pretty cool! Not only because of the history involved, but because it had the only Restrooms for about 40 miles.  
  The Spiral Jetty was about 15 or so miles from the museum, but it takes you about 45 minutes to get there. You start off driving on a nicely paved road that quickly turned into a gravel road, then a partly graveled road, to a dirt road with softball sized rocks and dried mud holes.
  The last stretch of the drive is a dirt “road” with giant basalt rocks on each side, and in the middle of the road. 
 We had to put the SUV into 4-wheel drive!
 It was nearly puke inducing.
  When I caught my first glimpse of the sculpture I teared up.
  Teen daughter mocked me.
 There wasn’t any water near it. White, hard, dry salt flats surrounded the black spiral.

 In the center of the Spiral
we made our own little sculpture.
 It was hard to get a family pic because the sun reflecting off of the surrounding salt flats was blinding!


Love, Jana

On Pins, and Emergency Rooms

The Summer after my Sophomore year at SUU I worked my first year as a stitcher for the Utah Shakespearean Festival.  It was amazing! I was working with professionals in my field of choice, and learning so much from them.  The best part was that I was also working with my bestie Jared.

 (I’m on the right)
Jared was, and still is, AMAZING! His design sketches were works of art, and the costumes he made….sigh!
I vividly remember watching him one day during the build of a show.  He was at his machine, designers baby on one knee, sewing like a bat out of H3!! .  He prided himself on the number of pins he didn’t use.  He could do anything, beautifully….without pinning!
For a long time I tried to be like him.  Scant on the pins. Worked OK for some costumes, not so good on others.
That was 20 years ago and things have changed significantly!  I no longer sport a permed 80’s coif, either does Jared, and I love pins!  I buy the pretty ones with the girly colored pearl heads.  They hold everything in place so neatly.  
    That is, I loved them……  UNTIL……THE EVENT!!!
Last night, while innocently Tweeting and pinning a skirt, I stuck a pin in my mouth for a second….well, I was going to stick it in my mouth when it jumped down my throat!  SERIOUSLY!!
    It happened SO fast, and then it was gone.  I swallowed a pin!  Me. A 40 year old woman of 6 kids that is always yelling “Don’t put that in your mouth! You might swallow it and then we’d have to take you to the hospital!”
  I didn’t want to go to the hospital! Everyone said I should…pooh.  We went to the Emergency Room.
Lucky for me it was a fairly slow night there.  We got right in. We had lots of attention (most of them couldn’t figure out how you swallow a pin). 
   Had X-rays.  Found the pin in my stomach.  They called me out to see the X-ray. I didn’t realize that you could see my underwire, hooks on my bra, rivets, and zipper.  I got a kick out of it!
  So, I’m thinking that they are going to tell me to go home, and let things work…themselves…out.

 Nope.  No such luck.  
 The ER Doc called the GI. The GI wanted to go in after it……………Doh……………….. So they needed to do a Lavage to clear out my stomach.
 Lavage. Isn’t it such a pretty sounding word? Lavage… like Massage.

  Note: these two words have nothing in common.
If you don’t know what an NG tube is, and have never had one put in…be glad.  The Nurse tried to warn me that it was the worst thing that they have to do in the ER.

This is what it is like, but with coughing and gagging.
The Lavage is pumping water in through the tube, and then sucking everything back out.

The GI arrived and I was taken for a scope.
(This is the happy part of the story)
They Gave Me Sleepy-Happy meds!
When I woke up they told me………………………..
They didn’t find the pin. Boo!

I was sent home to hopefully…… work things out on my own (sorry)
I get to go and have a couple more X-rays to make sure it is moving along.  If not, or if  it pokes or tears anything… Bleh!

The moral of this very long story is
Don’t Put Pins in Your Mouth!